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Finely crafted and cost effective video production

We believe that the art of story-telling is fundamental to making engaging films.

We produce videos for websites, social media, presentations and events. Our diverse clients include SME’s, charities, sole traders and artists.

What we do

We create films which truly capture a moment or tell a story.

We produce videos for websites, presentations and events.

Our clients range from businesses and charities, to individuals and institutions.

Every film is unique. We believe in individuality, not templates or packages. We love diversity and bring a fresh eye to every project. But as a starting point, these are the types of films we make…

Film Containers

Promotional films

  • Corporate videos
  • Charity films*
  • Marketing promos
  • Online videos
  • Internal communication
  • Case studies

Whether you are wishing to reach people within your organisation, or a wider audience, we can create a film to communicate your message.

We make sure we really understand your aims in order to create content that effectively conveys your ideas.

We ensure that the style and tone of the film represent your identity and really connect with the audience.

* We like to make films that make a difference and offer a discounted rate for charities.

Clapper Board

Event Films

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Ceremonies
  • Launch Parties
  • Presentations

We ensure all the important aspects are recorded to fully capture the essence of the occasion.

Careful planning is the key to successful event filming. We work to integrate the filming process within the event in order to capture the moment as effectively and unobtrusively as possible.

Depending on your budget, we can film your event using single or multiple cameras.

Film Camera

Editing service

Do you have a collection of video tapes, film reels or memory sticks gathering dust? In its unedited state, original footage is often lengthy and unwatchable.

Your archive film and video can be a valuable source of material. However, it needs an film editor’s eye to transform it from a series of disjointed clips into a unified film which tells your story.

Footage of variable formats, including vintage tapes and film-reels, can be converted into digital video and woven together. Photographs, music, titles and effects may be added to enhance the film. We can also shoot additional video to augment the existing footage and then combine these into a seamless edit.

Director's Chair

About Us

Tela Films is led by Nicki Lang, an experienced film-maker and editor with 14 years industry experience. Nicki has produced, directed and edited films as a freelance film-maker.

Prior to founding Tela Films, Nicki worked successfully for several years as an editor at a Soho post-production company. During this time, she worked on a wide range of TV commercials, film trailers, corporate films, promos and documentaries for clients such as the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, British Telecom and Vauxhall.

Nicki works with a team of talented specialists who are brought in according to the requirements of each project. This fluid approach enables Tela Films to harness professional expertise at an affordable price.

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